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Introducing Pamella Dunn Events Brand Ambassador Emily Of Emily K Weddings

  • You might have read yesterday that over the next two weeks I have the pleasure of introducing you to some wedding industry super stars of the future that I have the honour of mentoring, working with and supporting. Sharing my experience with them, offering advice and networking opportunities is ridiculously exciting. I am constantly motivated by their passion and enthusiasm for the business, and I’m delighted that you get to hear from them. The second in the series is Emily; and I know you’re going to love her ….

Day One Meet Emily:

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Wedding Designer & Stylist

Hello! I’m Emily.

So, it all began after getting married in 2015 and becoming absolutely mesmerised by this amazing wedding industry. I enrolled on UK Wedding Academy diploma course to learn as much as I possibly could, gain a qualification and set up my business which has developed into Emily K Weddings. What I’ve gained most out of the course is the opportunities and experience from the lovely people I’ve met along the way!

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Rustic banquet style table plan

One of these opportunities has being a brand ambassador for Pamella Dunn. Her advice and encouragement has been invaluable and to have someone there to ask questions and learn from has given me the confidence to launch my website and services this year.

copper wedding,grey wedding,wedding inspiration board,
Copper & grey inspiration board

Emily K WeddingsEmily K Weddings is a design forward thinking wedding planning, styling and design business. Focusing on delivering unique style and quality, taking away the stress of planning your wedding day and bringing your Pinterest boards to life, beyond what you imagined. 

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Dreamy rose quartz mood board

The services I offer can be tailored to your exact wedding day requirements but have been bundled together for clear consideration. 

  • Story of Your Day – a package design to declutter your overwhelming Pinterest board and bring your wedding day to life.
  • Bijou wedding styling – for brides hot on the logistics but need to help making day look amazing.
  • Full planning and styling – the ultimate wedding planning and styling package for brides who just don’t know where to start.
  • On the day coordination 
  • Venue search 
  • Supplier search
  • Design and DIY
  • Small business design services – aimed at small businesses within the wedding industry
  • Hire items – I have a super cute Tipi! Hire for a romantic proposal or great as a children’s wedding venue den.
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Design development

One of the key elements to Emily K Weddings, is the unique approach to design.

wedding top table,wedding head table,banquet wedding table,
Top table design

My interior design background has taught me to push the boundaries for something new and bring ideas into real life. From concept design, visualisation, right through to the wedding day coordination, I can work with you to create the romantic wedding day you always dreamed of.

wedding sample board,wedding swatch,wedding design elements
A personalised sample board

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Emily x

Introducing Pamella Dunn Events Brand Ambassador Charlotte Of Redemancy

Over the next two weeks I have the pleasure of introducing you to some wedding industry super stars of the future that I have the pleasure of mentoring, working with and supporting. Sharing my experience with them, offering advice and networking opportunities is ridiculously exciting. I am constantly motivated by their passion and enthusiasm for the business, and I’m delighted that you get to hear from them. The first in the series is Charlotte; and yes she made me blush ….

Day One Meet Charlotte:

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Charlotte – Wedding Planner & Stylist

My journey started when I was 16 years old, descending the stairs into the dining room at the most beautifully organised and styled wedding reception. To say I was in awe is an understatement. Looking around the room, I was absorbing every last detail – and then I saw her… the Wedding Planner. In that very moment, I wanted to be her. I wanted to do what she did. And since that very moment my focus has never wavered. Not for a single second.

wedding shoot,ballet shoot,blackbrook house,
Wedding Shoot Blackbrook House

Even whilst studying for my Law Degree I still sat in the library pouring over wedding blogs and Pinterest the majority of the time, planning my wedding-world domination.

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Romance and pastels

I was lucky enough (still pinching myself) to become one of Pamella Dunn’s interns and brand ambassadors just over a year ago. I have picked her brains at every opportunity, and she has generously and willingly shared what she’s learnt. I’ve accompanied her on photoshoots as a styling assistant, helped her set-up for weddings, and made some awesome connections through her. She’s taught me a lot of valuable lessons, steered me in the right direction, and has always been there with positivity in abundance.

rustic wedding,elegance,wedding centrepiece,
Rustic elegance

Now, after seven years of hustle, I feel like I have finally arrived. I have my own wedding planning and styling business – Redamancy, my own clients who are a joy to work with, a portfolio of styled shoots my sixteen-year-old self would have rushed to ‘pin’, and a blog that is currently in the final of the UK Blog Awards. None of this is a fluke or luck, it’s the result of sheer hard work, the refusal to give up on my dream, and the impact of the most glamorous mentor the world has ever seen. And I’m only just getting started…

ballet dancer,wedding shoot,wedding ballet shoot,
A ballet inspired wedding shoot at Blackbrook House

Portrait photograph Cream Photography

Ballet Shoot Photography Elen Studio Photography 

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What Is It Like To Work On A Photoshoot?

shoot,wedding,inspiration,english lavender,lavender wedding
Cotswold Lavender Company

As a UK Wedding Planner I am in a fabulous position to work with wonderful professional wedding suppliers in the most idyllic locations. This beautiful English summer’s day was no exception as I collaborated on a styled shoot to create magical images to inspire brides and grooms planning their wedding. Styling and design are where my heart is and working with clients to create a really personal day makes my heart sing. As well as our gorgeous clients I love supporting and mentoring new talent coming in to the wedding industry and I’m completely blessed to have seven amazing interns all hungry for hands on experience. All very different with their own unique flair and style they are most definitely the stars of the future  and on today’s blog we hear from Ellie; you’re going to love her …

lavender,wedding,wedding inspiration,wedding planner,yorkshire wedding planner,UK wedding planner
Lavender Wedding Inspiration

Ellie, can you help out at a photoshoot? It’s a couple of hours drive, but you’ll be working with one of the finest photographers around, you’ll be surrounded by handmade creative beauty, and oh—by the way—it’s in a lavender field, one of the country’s most incredible natural sights? 

It’s hardly a gripping intro, because OF COURSE I said yes. I typed yes as quickly as my little fingers would fly across the keyboard, I started pre-planning the treats I would bake for the aforementioned drive, and I excitedly did some background research on the suppliers I’d be working with. That was just one of the perks of this opportunity: the collaborators on the shoot are some of the most creatively talented and exciting people in the industry. And I was part of that! It all sounds a bit Northern-boy-on-the-West-End-stage for the first time, but it’s got truth to it: looking at the photos below, I know I was part of that. HOW. EXCITING.

wedding cake,silk ribbon,wedding planner,Yorkshire wedding planner,sweetheart table,lavender wedding
Quintessentially English

What were the other perks of the opportunity, you say, other than working with some of the best in the business? Having an amazing day in a sumptuous location (I don’t know how nice your office is but try taking a day trip to the Cotswolds Lavender Field every once in a while), learning new skills on-the-job, crafting new industry relationships and creating something beautiful. The photos Jane captured are stunning, and it’s pretty impressive that I was a small part of that – especially when you consider that the alternative was half-heartedly prepping a dissertation! 

wedding cake, wedding planner, Yorkshire wedding planner, gold,lavender
Wedding Day Details
lavender,yorkshire wedding planner,getting married,lavender bouquet,silk ribbon
Lavender Fields Of Wedding Dreams
silk ribbon,wedding flowers,bridal bouquet,lavender,stylist
Soft Summer Bridal Bouquet With Luxe Silk Ribbon

Mainly, however, it taught me the importance of saying yes to every opportunity that you’re able to take on. It’s a cliché but it’s a cliché for a reason: you get out what you put in, and if you put in loads of yesses, you’ll get loads of yesses out of it. Whether you’re well established, just starting out, or anywhere in-between, taking on a new project can open so many doors and could take you anywhere and everywhere. Especially in the wedding industry, where coherence in themes is important, and recommendations are so often relied upon, gaining a reputation as being up for it can catapult you to stardom (relative wedding-stardom, but that’s all anyone really wants). 

ribbon,lavender silk,wedding stylist,stylist,
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon From PomPom Blossom
stationery,wedding stationery,lavender wedding
Lavender Wedding Stationery
wedding accessories,headband,hairband,gold headband,wedding stylist,bride
Wedding Hair Accessories Are Sometimes All You Need

Obviously I am not advocating selling yourself short. I’m not the best at maths or business (my school record is testament to that) but even I know that consistently and permanently saying yes to free jobs is not a workable business plan. Strike the balance right however, and the relationships you’ll make with the people you say yes will provide you with income – and from there you can fly. Next time someone asks you to be part of a shoot, or an event, or to lend them a hand on a project – say yes, and see where it takes you. Chances are I’ll be lending a hand too – anything to get away from this dissertation…”

I love this fun flowing account from Ellie and I hope it inspired you too. If you would like to gain experience and network with some of the loveliest and talented new wedding vendors please get in touch. And check out the amazing talent below who collaborated on this shoot.

Have the most amazing time planning your wedding, you know where we are when you need us!

Much love Pam x


Photography – Jane Beadnell

Stylist & flowers – Our fabulous team ….

Hair & Makeup – Cat

Cake – Zoe

Accessories – Betty

Stationery – Jane

Hand dyed silk ribbon – Sophie

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Creating Wedding Day Inspiration

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Dreamy lavender hand dyed silks from Pom Pom Blossom

As a UK based Wedding Planner no two days are ever the same, it’s the joy of running a wedding planning and styling business and I love nothing more than sharing it. The behind the scenes, the insider info. and the planning and detail that go in to running a successful wedding business are all accessible to my gorgeous team of interns. I am so fortunate to have seven ambitious and hugely talented wedding planners of the future to mentor and they love nothing more than soaking up the real life training. By far the most popular of all opportunities available to the team at Pamella Dunn Weddings are the photo shoots.

Today Charlotte from Redamancy Wedding Planners gives her account of working on a fabulous Cotswolds Lavender photoshoot.

lavender,wedding inspiration,photoshoot,wedding ideas,
Fragrant English Lavender Fields

“Lavender is for Lovers True” – Clement Robinson, 1584

Once upon a time, it was par for the course to receive a bundle of lavender potpourri as a wedding favour, to liven up your linen drawer. A look back in time also reveals that Cleopatra used lavender oil to seduce Mark Antony, and Empress Josephine plied her husband, Napoleon Bonaparte, with lavender tea when she was looking for some romance.

wedding stationery,gold cutlery,wedding ideas,silk ribbon,lavender
Lavender wedding day details

So there was not a more appropriate place for a romantic wedding photoshoot, than the Lavender Farm in the Cotswolds, which is where I found myself with Pamella Dunn on Tuesday 5th July.

As an intern, this was my first ever wedding photoshoot and I couldn’t have been more excited! Not even the 7am start in Leeds could dampen my enthusiasm. Especially not when I realised I would be spending the next two hours driving South with one of the UK’s most talented makeup artists, Cat from Catherine Elizabeth Wedding Hair and Makeup Upon finding out she had worked on Brief Encounters, Hollyoaks and The King’s Speech, I knew I was in the presence of someone special.

Luckily, the lavender field was lit with glorious sunshine when we arrived; truly bringing the lilac hues to life. As Catherine whisked the gorgeous model, Sheree Dannielle, off for hair and makeup, my fellow intern Ellie and I got to work maneuvering the props for the shoot. A job which was a lot easier said than done given that there was not an easy parking spot near our shoot location. Cue the hilarious view of Pam lifting a vintage white sweetheart table and chairs over a fence to Ellie and myself. These photoshoots ain’t all glamour!

We worked closely with Jane Beadnell, the photographer, for the next couple of hours to ensure our styling matched her vision. I have never been more impressed with someone’s eye for design and positioning, and watching her move a prop a fraction of an inch to produce a perfect picture was a real lesson in itself. Pam, ever the professional, was making bouquets in the boot of her car – I mean who else would be able to do that! And, FYI, the bouquets were stunning. Cakes decorated in bonbons by Zoe from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes, luxurious purple silks by Sophie at Pompom Blossom, and accessories by Bespoke Vintage Castle really brought the shoot to life.

wedding cake,silk runner,lavender hand dyed silk,
White Bon Bon Wedding Cake

As our model arrived back, romantic curls and lavender smokey eye complete, the bridal shoot could commence. Visitors to the Lavender field, and tourists alike, were utterly enthralled as Sheree posed in her dress by The Bridal Gown, looking like the perfect bride. Under Jane’s direction, we moved around the field, making sure to take in different backdrops and colour contrasts. It was like watching magic happen right in front of my eyes.

Arriving back to our sweetheart table at the top of the hill, Pam had turned mine and Ellie’s first effort at styling into a table setting of dreams. This is where I learnt my first lesson of styling: always make sure a colour runs out of the shot, she explained, demonstrating with the layers of gold cutlery and adornments. It is something that I have tried to incorporate into all of my work since.

sweetheart table,wedding cake,lavender,David Austin roses,white wedding,English countryside
The prettiest sweetheart table scene

The day had passed in a blur of excitement, camera flashes and purple and soon it was time to pack up and leave before the field closed for the day. You guessed it; at 4:55pm we were hauling bags of props and bouquets of flowers back over the fence. Sunburnt, tired, and thrilled, it was a hopeful drive back North as we dared to dream about where the photos might end up. And Rock My Wedding made our dreams come true with this fabulous piece Rock My Wedding Feature. Who needs forget-me-nots when I have pictures of a lavender photoshoot I will always remember.

Huge congratulations to Charlotte and a wonderful blog post, and for being super amazing.

We would love to hear from you and welcome any comments.

Have a fabulous weekend

Pami x